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He is vain, irritable, and a bad calculator of the force and probable effect of the motives which govern men. This is all the ill which can possibly be said of him…He is so amiable that I pronounce you will love him, if ever you become acquainted with him.

Thomas Jefferson, to James Madison, January 30, 1787

For Business:   Conventions, Corporate Events, Meetings, Seminars

Let your company benefit from the experience of our nation’s second President. Here was a man who not only knew when to take responsibility but when to delegate it. Though phrases such as “team building” and “outside the box” were not yet formed, Adams’ strides in government and public service translate well into today’s working world. He saw when to strike and when to wait, and how to draw upon the strengths upon his allies and even his enemies. Learn from John Adams’ leadership, courage and persuasion—experience that made this country a reality!

Each presentation will be crafted to fit the specific needs of your colleagues and clients. Peyton works with your company to create an address that is enjoyable in its history, yet relevant for today, and will ultimately inspire.

For Education:  College, Postgraduate, Programs for Schools, Programming for Teachers

Peyton takes the Revolutionary and Federalist periods out of the textbooks and brings the everyday as well as the emotion and turmoil to the fore. Younger students can learn from Adams’ early days in Massachusetts, as a boy, a lawyer and a revolutionary. Middle- and high-schoolers will be able not only to hear of his challenges faced and overcome, but also to ask him questions, and travel through Adams’ life as far as their curiosity will take them. Those pursuing higher studies have the opportunity to delve into the representative’s dilemmas bringing independence forward, as well as the President’s challenging choices, including the Quasi-War, the XYZ Affair, and the Alien and Sedition Acts.

In all levels, Peyton will endeavor to enhance the students’ areas of study, and allow for their interests to guide the experience.

For Educators: Adams’ fervor for education, from his earliest teachers through his studies at Harvard, influenced his desire for continued learning and establishing standards for education in his home state. Educators can not only share in his passion for learning, they can learn from him, with the opportunity to “pick John’s brain” to discover more of the intricacies and nuances behind their students’ misconceptions of early American history.

For Entertainment and Enrichment: Chataqua Presentations, Guest of Honor, Meet-&-Greet, Public Performances

Full of insight and experience, and still spirited enough to speak his opinions, Adams can be a presence to be reckoned with! He makes a fine guest for your gala, celebration or opening, with appropriate remarks and toasts. He will regale your guests with stories, compliments, and appropriate affronts when needed.

For a more structured presentation, Peyton can provide you with a range of options, from 30 to 90 minutes, from monologue to Q&A. He can also tailor your presentation to follow Chataqua guidelines, focused on history and contribution. Your library, historical site, association, or community event can bring an unsung hero of history to your door—Meet John Adams!


Adams and Jefferson: We Differ as Rational Friends

In this unique collaboration, John Adams meets with one of his greater friends and challenges, fellow representative, vice-president, president and patriot Thomas Jefferson. Deftly portrayed by interpreter Steve Edenbo, Jefferson meets Adams squarely in realms of their greatest battles—both as comrades and enemies. This decades-long association made great triumphs and trials in the lives of both men. Yet through it all, they attained even greater respect for each others’ ideals and intentions, and at the end, they kept intact, though weathered, the bond of their friendship.

Adams and Hamilton: The Pinnacle of Party Faction

Adams faces off against the “Spair Cassius” from within his own Federalist party: Alexander Hamilton, valiantly interpreted by Ian Rose.  These two hard-headed titans spar over issues of Constitution and party politics, covering topics from the early years of the American republic that echo through today. Even though technically belonging to the same political party, each staunchly opposed to the other for their ideals and approaches. Here they dare to prove their points and defend against the most frightening prospect of all – that they might agree on something.

John and Abigail Adams: Partners of Heart and Mind

John Adams  is reunited with his greatest partner, ally, and “dearest friend,” Abigail Adams, brought to life by Kim Hanley. Abigail is every bit John’s match, and can easily meet her husband in matters of politics and philosophies, home and family. This couple captures the hearts and minds of many as iconic American first family, and takes audiences through the early American experience not only as husband and wife, but as true partners.