“Mr. Adams, it was our delight to have you speak at our meeting. Your discourse was most entertaining and enlightening. The members of the company expressed such pleasure in getting to know you on a more personal level. Thank you for sharing your evening with us… We all feel as though we know Mr. Adams in a much more personal way after listening to “him” speak.”

– Karen McClendon, Sons & Daughters of the Colonial & Antebellum Bench & Bar


“Thank you for the company, the inspiration, the lessons of the past and for your hospitality!! A pleasurable experience had by all!!”

– Tom Algeo, Residex LLC


“Thank you so much for your excellent portrayal of John Adams. You truly brought the true John Adams to our group! Your presentation was not only historically informative, but fun as well.”

– James W. Pruzinsky, CPA Reinsel, Kuntz, Lesher L.L.P.

“Thank you again. I’ve heard nothing but good things about your performance that day.”

– Michael McCabe, Attorney

“We SHEAR/NEH Fellows really enjoyed your repartee! Thanks, guys. You made for enchanting dinner theatre!…Thanks for all you do!!!”

– Kim Burdick, Society for Historians of the Early American Republic


“I’m so glad you were able to fit in time to be on the show!…Thank you for filming at City Tavern.”

– Chef Walter Staib, City Tavern; A Taste of History (PBS)


Adams & Jefferson

I want to thank you both for your presentation at the teacher workshop last week. The interplay between you and the information on the Declaration and Constitution were perfect for this workshop.  I think the teachers say it best in the words of their evaluations:

“The BEST! Both actors do an excellent portrayal and it really brings our understanding of these two very different men.”

“Wonderful – really made the history of these people come alive. I feel like I have an inside view now. Would Love to have them come to my classroom.”

 “These gentlemen were fabulous as well. They really brought the pieces of history together as they bantered back and forth about the Declaration and Constitution.”

 “Great – gave new perspectives on familiar ideas. I got great ideas to use in my classroom.”

This teacher workshop was very successful and your presentation was a significant factor in that success. I look forward to working with you both again in the future.

 -Jeffrey Collins, Independence National Historic Park